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Power of Attorney and Appointments of Enduring Guardian

A Power of Attorney is a legal document which provides the people you trust with the authority to make legal, financial and property decisions on your behalf. A Power of Attorney can be useful in many situations – from having someone take care of your affairs while you are travelling to times of extended illness.

Enduring Power of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney allows the people you trust to manage your affairs while you are healthy and if you ever lose mental capacity due to injury or illness.
When preparing your Power of Attorney, we will advise you on the directions and limitations you can place on your attorneys to ensure that they exercise their powers in a manner with which you are comfortable.

Appointment of Enduring Guardian

An Appointment of Enduring Guardian allows you to legally authorize the people you trust to make decisions about your health, living arrangements and personal well being if (and only if) you lose the mental capacity to make such decisions yourself.

Why do you need these documents?

If you don’t have these documents in place and there is ever a dispute or conflict about your affairs, your loved ones will have to make a legal application to be authorized to act on your behalf. Such applications can take time and money and the outcome is never certain.